Lots of shows to be added on social media, and for anyone who may have been prompted to check my schedule by the wonderful "Spotlight On..." article in this month edition of Saint Augustines Entertainer (a proper thank you to Laura Jenney, and a sharing of the article to come later), please know that I am adding new dates, it has been literally impossible to post today and I got a few more today as well. Please check back in 2 days to see all. Also feel free to message me through this website to see if there are dates not yet posted for the time frame you may be checking on. For now I hope to see you every Saturday at Tradewinds 1-4:30, every Tuesday night with Salty Daug at Tradewinds, this Thursday, April 11 with The Grapes of Roth trio at Tradewinds - with more fun stuff to come (Salty Daug at Arnold's, duo stuff with Joey Fasano at Oasis, Grapes of Roth at Music by the Sea, Azalea City Brewing Company in Palatka, A1A Aleworks and more). Oh yeah, and I'm working as a sideman with Vange Durst a bit too - (she's a phenom. There's that, check her out for a treat). Anyway, these are new gigs that have not all been placed my the calendar here yet, I am sorry for any inconvenience. Stay tuned - and everyone have a great day and fun safe weekend! Elizabeth


Elizabeth Roth is a guitarist / vocalist based in St. Augustine, Florida. 
She is a busy solo performer, is lead vocalist and bass guitarist in a classic rock trio called The Grapes of Roth, and plays bass and shares vocal duties in another local five piece band called Salty Daug, as well as in the variety trio CRS (Carpenter Roth & Sabo)
NOTICE: We try our best to keep the website calendar updated with all solo and band dates, but new dates get added frequently so if you don't see us playing anywhere during a certain time frame, please do check back. You can also find Elizabeth Roth, The Grapes of Roth and Salty Daug (bands) on Facebook! Follow the links provided (below).

Please check for upcoming performance dates via Facebook (links provided below).

The Grapes of Roth
Matt VanRysdam (lead guitar, vocals), Trey Moore (drums), Elizabeth Roth (bass, lead vocals).

                                    Salty Daug

Trey Moore (drums), Crawford Boyd (keyboard / vocals / guitar), Dennis Miele (guitar), Elizabeth Roth (bass guitar / vocals) and Joey Fasano (guitar / vocals)